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No more paper chase

With everything going contactless and paperless, is it not about time, you made the process of handling payments for golf club membership a lot simpler?

We can eliminate paper, manual effort and make renewals and new member application a lot simpler for everyone.

Cheaper than Fairway Credit

Fairway Credit has given members the flexibility to pay over twelve months, although typically at 6-7% interest adding £50-£70 to an annual membership.

Better than GoCardless

GoCardless is sometimes used although that typicall involves the club manually adding members to payment plans. It also is very difficult to reconcile, which payment came from which member. This is ok when payments are successful but it still has to be manually maintained and checking for missed payments, failed mandates and cancelled mandates becomes more of a paper chase.

No More Manual Reconciliation

Given our payments industry expertise, we can help advise on getting the right balance between cashflow, lower bank charges, lower fees for members and optimising your revenue. 

Not only that, we can automate the payments, collection, reminders (SMS/email) so that you all the chasing up is taken care of. 

We will report regularly (daily/weekly/monthly) for successful payments, unsuccessful and any mandates that have been cancelled or changed.

Not only that we update the membership systems with payment status automatically.