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Still using paper PDFs, Word & emails to apply for a golf club membership?

About as much fun as three putting the 18th

One Button. Click. Approve

New Golf Club Membership Applications. Fully Automated

We can take your PDF, Word doc or paper membership application form and make everything automatic.
Automatically apply any rules or criteria for membership application
including post code distance checking, date of birth match for membership category
also online waiting list and secure payment authorisation & capture

Member Applies Online

Fill in online membership form. All form data is validated against membership rules. Automatic validation of date of birth for each membership age categories. Postcode distance automatically calculated for country memberships.


Payment Authorised

Payment authorisation is taken from member. Apple Pay & Google Pay enabled, so that a member just doubles clicks to fill in payment card details. All Credit/Debit Card & Direct Debit options available also. Money is not taken until membership is approved.


Click Approved

From online waiting list, review the membership application. Click approved. That's all the hard work done.


Money in the Bank

Money is automatically transferred into club bank account. All membership data is automatically entered into Club v1/BRS/VMS/Intelligentgolf Member is sent welcome email. Nothing more to do. All done, simples.

Still going thru bank statements every month trying to manually reconcile references ?

We can automate bank statement reconciliation & matching

Make things simpler

Get moving and  fix Your Golf Club Memberships today!

It’s simple & fixed for you in minutes

Golf Membership Subscriptions & Renewals

Fully Automated

Lower payment fees. One click renewals. Automated reminders & reporting.
We handle Debit/Credit cards, Apple/Google Pay, Direct Debit, Standing Orders & Bank Transfers
All automatically reconciled & synchronised with your membership system (BRS, Club v1, Intelligentgolf, VMS)

Personalised email

We sent individually customised email for the yearly fees for the membership category. Including any debit/credit /outstanding balances on the account. Optimised for cheapest payment methods and reconciliation.


Member Pays

Apple Pay & Google Pay enabled, so that a member just doubles clicks to pay. Credit/Debit Card & Direct Debit options available also. All members automatically added to payment plans, no more manually adding to GoCardless. We have better ways to handle bank transfers and standing orders for automated reconciliation.



Automatic scheduled reminder emails automatically sent to those that have not paid. SMS reminders for those overdue. Full online payments reporting dashboard and everything synchronised with your club membership (Clubv1, BRS, VMS, IntelligentGolf)


Money in the Bank

Money is automatically transferred into club bank account. All payment data is automatically entered into BRS/VMS/Club v1. Nothing more to do.







Fed up manually adding members into direct debit plans & trying to reconcile failures ?

Get in touch. We have a magic button for that

  • Change Perceptions

    Let your web-site do the work

  • Online & Contactless

    Automated Appt Bookings & Payments

  • Free up your time taking appts

    Online Diaries for Pro, Asst Pro & Range

  • Online Enquiry Form, Diary & Payments for

    Catering & Functions

Would you like us to remove all the hassle from Golf Club Membership Admin?

Integrated with your existing website.

We can quickly remove the complexity & headaches from payments, bookings & memberships. 

Other companies can’t do bookings & payments because it is hard. 

They cant compute all the permutations of who qualifies for what membership criteria.

We’ve got that nailed.

The even harder problem to solve is reconciliation. Joining it all up. Accurately.

Especially with all the other systems, other apps, manual payments and back into your clubs membership systems

No more manually adding people into direct debit payment plans or manually checking missed direct debits. 

We automate all of that, make them all talk to one another. Seamlessly.

All the complex and painful bits. We've cracked it.

Let your web site do the work. Make it work for you, not against you

Golf specific web sites with modern design

We can move you from a drab, dated web site like the samples above or anything else you can image in a matter of days.

From a weekend hacker to top 10 on the tour

Check Out Our Live Demo

View working examples of web site design, booking lessons, payments & more

  • Sample Design


  • Sample Design


  • Sample Design


  • Sample Design


  • Sample Design


  • Sample Design


We went from checking over 300 payments manually every month, down to only 8.

We have over 450 members & the manual membership admin overhead for all the combinations of membership types, payment methods and charges was a nightmare.

With nooQ we've automated payments and renewals so now it only takes a few minutes to check the exceptions every month.

On top of that we also reduced our payment charges by 50%

President, Rutherglen Tennis Club

Others can provide handicapping software & tee-booking systems
They probably gave you that dull, drab and dated web site templates that doesn't help promote your club
We don't do that.

Automated Golf Club Memberships & Reconciliation.
Great web site design. Low cost.
Ultra fast implementation.
Saving you thousands.

That's what we are experts in.

When it comes down to it

We're 40 yds longer off the tee than the competition